Fun Facts about Abraham Lincoln – What you do not know about

Abraham Lincoln will always be an important icon in the history. This will never be erased. His name will be uttered now just from now, but for the coming generations. Needless to say, a ton of biopic has been released with the aim of featuring fun facts about Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, the 16th president of America, has been talked about a lot. A tenfold of movies has been made about him. This makes learning more about him a way easier job than the usual.

A Closer Look at Abraham Lincoln

It may be surprising to know that Lincoln has been enshrined in the Hall of Fame of wrestling. This sounds weird – right? Do not get this wrong though. He is not in any way a material for WWE, however, his long limbs made him a real accomplished wrestler when he was still young. Surprising, isn’t it? He was only defeated once in his entire wrestling career. This was true over almost 300 matches he participated in. There were reports where Lincoln talked about this. He expressed this little smack in the ring. According to the biography written by Carl Sandburg, the whole crowd of onlookers was once challenged by Honest Abe. This was a way for him to dispatch an opponent.

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Prior to the assassination of the mentioned US president, he devised a Secret Service. Yes, this was done only hours before he was even killed. This was done way back in April 14, 1865. It was during this time when Lincoln took charge in signing the legislation to create the US Secret Service. During that very evening, Ford’s Theater was then given a shot. It is true that this Secret Service was only established earlier. However, it might have saved the life of Lincoln. This was assumed because the original mission of such law enforcement agency is for the currency counterfeiting to be combatted. There was a widespread reality of this and so that was the intention. However, it was only in the year 1901 when it was put into realization. Quite late for two other presidents were already killed. This served as a sign for the group to be commanded in protecting their commander-in-chief instead.

After Lincoln was killed, there was a desire by robbers to steal his corpse. Do not get this wrong. He was protected by the Secret Service with all their might. However, there was a gang in Chicago that tried to snatch the body of Lincoln from his very tomb. This was a bit easy for them because it was only sealed and protected using a single padlock. This was to be undertaken in the Oak Ridge Cemetery, that in Springfield, Illinois. They devised their scheme of course. They planned to have the corpse and ask for a ransom amounting to $200,000. This was a way for them to release the counterfeiter of the gang from that of the prison. There were agents though that support the disruption of the operation. This was changed. Lincoln was then encased to a cage made of steel and was entombed even under 10 feet composed of concrete.