Dionysus Facts – More about the Greek God

In Greek mythology, Dionysus was known to be the god involved in harvesting grape. This same was also true when it comes to wine, and the process of winemaking itself. His name is also involved in ritual madness, needless to say. This was also the case with theatre and ecstasy. Indeed, there were so many things that may be related to the said god. All of these are Dionysus facts that will stay true for quite a long time. He was worshipped way back in 1500C to that of 100BC. This was undertaken mostly by Mycenean Greeks. There were old scripts which were then inscribed with his very own name.

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The descriptions and earlier images of Dionysus were all meant to depict the bearded, mature male. He was always known for being a robed with a fennel. This was staff tipped with its very own pine-cone. But then, such image change. He was then perceived as sensuous, beardless, semi-naked, and even naked. He was looked at as an androgynous youth. This really changed the way he was being looked at. In literature, he would always be defined and described as man-womanish, or womanly for that matter.

He was a demi-god for he was a son of a mortal named Semele, and the god Zeus. He could also be considered a semi-device, semi-hero for that matter. Indeed, Dionysus would always be the God of the Vine. There were instances when he was called Bacchus. Demeter and Dionysus, both the Goddess of Corn, were also seen as supreme deities. These were true and they had been playing such role towards the earth. Of the two, Dionysus was the youngest. There was a little known fact about him though. He just suddenly came to the place so that Demeter can be worshipped.

In Eleusis, Demeter and Dionysus were always being worshipped. This was a town, a little one, beside that of Athens. Ever since, Dionysus was taken as a happy god. This was true as far as the harvest was concerned. However, this may change whenever the season of winter comes. He languished apparently. This occurred with the rest of the world actually.

There was a belief saying that the aforementioned god was the very last god to ever reach Olympus. He was a combination of both because he was born with fire, and then nursed and nourished with rain. His birth would always correspond to the grape development. This was the time when heat ripens the said fruit and then the water has kept it alive.

When he reached his adulthood, the god was able to wander the entire Earth. Men were taught the vine culture this way. A tenfold of festivals were also held. This was done as an honor to Dionysus. In art alone, Dionysus will always be represented as an art. He came with a beard, which makes him a full grown person. He may sometimes be compared to a beast, only young for that matter. All of these are some of the facts that can be learned about Dionysus.